Toxic Shard's Mod Application (Retry)(Denied Copy Pasta)

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Toxic Shard's Mod Application (Retry)(Denied Copy Pasta)

PostPosted by Toxic Shard » Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:12 pm

In-Game Name (If Minecraft, put nickname): Toxic Shard

Steam ID (If applicable), STEAM_0:0:68378432

Minecraft username (If applicable): jzpwn

Name: (Last name not required, but recommended.) Dylan Tworkowski

Age: 13

What server(s) are you applying for: Death-Run

Why you should be approved: I have been with the community for a wile now. I would like the help the Death-Run server as best and as well as I can. I have made some mistakes in the past but I know now that I should no have done that. I have been playing on the Death-Run server for a long wile now and a lot of people/staff know me. I am very respectful to players and I am very respectful to the staff. I don't break the rules on the server and I try to enforce them as best as I can when a staff member is not online. I know a lot of the admins/operators and even the super admins on the server. I really want to be part of the staff for the death-run and help out the server. I can handle situations that other players have and I am very good at keeping my cool. I am a very good role model and I show people that I am mature and don't break the rules. I am a very fair and fun guy to play with on the server. Thanks for reading my retry application and I hope I can make the Team.

Previous experience: I am a Super-Admin on a Dark RP server. And I was also I mod on a other death-run server. Also I forgot to mention in my last app is that I am a mod on a prop hunt server. I have a lot of staff experience.

How long have you played on the server you are applying for? 73 hours.

How long have you been with the LtB community in general?: 4-5 weeks. probably more I really don't know.

What time of day do you play the most often (Please in EST)?: on weekdays I have school till 6:00 am to 3:00 pm. And on weekends I usually play in the afternoon/night.

Have you ever been banned from the server?: No

If YES when and why? I haven't.
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Re: Toxic Shard's Mod Application (Retry)(Denied Copy Pasta)

PostPosted by DerpPie » Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:27 pm

Denied. You just copy and pasted your denied thread.

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Re: Toxic Shard's Mod Application (Retry)(Denied Copy Pasta)

PostPosted by circuitbawx » Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:43 am

pull out the bullet
this was all a joke or, experiment if you will, to show how you would react to me posting fake pictures. I figured "Oh, these guys won't care if I post something!" But I was wrong. You guys researched, argued, and even questioned my gender!
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