Jason For Owner

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Jason For Owner

PostPosted by Jason » Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:44 pm

In-Game Name (If Minecraft, put nickname): Jason

Steam ID (If applicable): STEAM_0:1:40190251

Minecraft username (If applicable):

Name: (Last name not required, but recommended.): Jason


What server(s) are you applying for: LTB Deathrun

Why you should be approved:
1. I play on the server a lot of the time, and can really help out when there aren't any admins on.
2. I could really help out the server, on the server side like add-on's and things.

Previous experience: I own my own server so I know all the commands and I know not to abuse them.

How long have you played on the server you are applying for? (CLICK ME, search for the server you're applying for, and then search your username to find out how much time you've played.): around 20 hours

How long have you been with the LtB community in general?: 2 weeks.

What time of day do you play the most often (Please in EST)?:6pm to 8pm

Have you ever been banned from the server?:no

If YES when and why?
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Re: Jason For Owner

PostPosted by Conn » Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:45 pm

Locking this before Derp rages and perma's you.
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Re: Jason For Owner

PostPosted by DerpPie » Sat Sep 14, 2013 8:12 am

I'm moving this to the trash dont just copy and paste your same app just to joke around its not funny.

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Re: Jason For Owner

PostPosted by circuitbawx » Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:45 am

the hague banned shitposting in 1969
this was all a joke or, experiment if you will, to show how you would react to me posting fake pictures. I figured "Oh, these guys won't care if I post something!" But I was wrong. You guys researched, argued, and even questioned my gender!
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