Teamspeak Changes

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Teamspeak Changes

PostPosted by Epicmarkvan » Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:03 am

John let me play with Teamspeak permissions to try and fix things, look 'em over and whatnot. I changed a few things without his permission. If I fucked something, or you don't have a rank anymore, I'm sorry Dad. Just, uh, let JD, Matt, or maybe myself if I still have my TS rank, know about it.

What I did:
    Removed old people from ranks on TS like winter501st who isn't really actively a part of this community, and a handful of others. It's entirely possible I mistook you for someone else. There were a few nonsense names in there, but getting the rank back should be easy.

    Added new Icons, tell me what you think of them. I used them for my old TS, and made them myself.

    Changed Server Admin, Super Admin, Admin, and Moderator icons.

    Changed Normal to Veteran and gave it an Icon, along with very minimal permissions.

    Gave Guest an Icon

    Tried to make permissions make more sense. Don't worry, JD, I didn't give Mods the ability to ban Matt (though that'd honestly be fair considering).

    Removed three old Derpys who had SA rank...

    Removed two old Guard55s with SA rank...

    Removed one old Bumblebee with SA rank...

    Removed Matt's Mac persona from JD's TS Owner rank...bad Matt.

    Removed a handful of people who don't need the rank from the previously Normal, now Veteran rank. Don't need it if you have something higher, really.

    Moved Air, Bo Burnham, Tim, Flutters, and The Dude to Admin from Super Admin, as they're not currently active in the community but are still a part of it, and as such deserve some tenure.

    Moved others down, trying to prioritize those with Super Admin as being especially powerful, and leaving the rank to mean something other than DerpPie has the power to soundspam and you can't kick him. I was tempted to move him down a rank too, but that's not my decision.

    Removed the ability for anything under Server Admin to do ServerQuery commands. These allow people to use command prompts like Telnet to issue commands to the server. Either A. they can't use it anyways previously or B. they don't know how to, so it shouldn't be missed.

    Moderators can't enter passworded channels without permission. Private channels are private, and if you want to talk together publicly with everyone...there's other channels for that. If people don't remember their passwords, they should be able to give us a new one that will be easier to remember. This is likely the most controversial change I've made, and I know some may dislike it, but with minimal diligence the rewards can be greater than any loss of convenience.

If I still have perms, I may update this as it goes on, so keep your eyes here for a changelog of what I do.
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Re: Teamspeak Changes

PostPosted by Dawn De'nac » Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:43 am


Collective mouthpiece of the DM team. Forward me any questions or try to get me on TS for any major concerns and I'll see if I can bring it to light.

Am Vieta in game and Bumblebee in TS.

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Re: Teamspeak Changes

PostPosted by Guard55 » Sun Jan 29, 2017 2:05 pm

Gets my seal of approval.
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