Things LtB could stand for

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Things LtB could stand for

PostPosted by circuitbawx » Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:51 am

License to Build
Left Titty Boob
License to Bonk
Love to Bang
Lick Tim's Balls
Longing to Belong
Crawling In My Skin
These Wounds They Will Not Heal
Lick the Bic
Label Those Bins
Lampshade Tricks, Bro
Learn to Burp
Land the Boeing
Lance the Bones
LShut the fuck up
Listen to Boston
Laminate the Board
Like Three Bush?
Lars the Behemoth
Labradoodles Talk Bark
Lister the Bisterfister
Like Taking Barbiturates
Lemon Tea, Black
Lambda Theta Beta
Look! There's Bob
this was all a joke or, experiment if you will, to show how you would react to me posting fake pictures. I figured "Oh, these guys won't care if I post something!" But I was wrong. You guys researched, argued, and even questioned my gender!
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